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Why do artists like the color blue?

It’s the last week of November. You can feel the mood of Christmas on the streets of Paris. You can smell winter in the air even though no snowflakes have fallen yet. Decorated trees are showing up in the shop windows, colorful lights have been hung...
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International artists choose Paris

For hundreds of years Paris has been the favorite choice of international artists to start their career. Why? Are Parisians more enthusiastic and inquisitive about what artists do? Do they respect art and the artistic community more than people in other...
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Eat like Picasso, drink like Hemingway

Sometimes I wonder what was on those famous artists’ menus back in the day. Were they gourmands? or was food the last thing on their minds? I decided to find out for myself what was on their plates during the last century. Pablo Picasso, one of the...
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Writing classes

„There is no friend as loyal as a book” – that quote from Ernest Hemingway is one of my favorites. I’m a real bookworm. In my little room you wont find too many things – even my wardrobe is not as big as it could be, but my bookshelf is...
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