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Mobile apps give their creators a chance to take just about any activity to a new level. Some are meant to make things easier; others, like TravelbyArt, are meant to make them more exciting.

Bitspiration by Adrian Sanecki, 14.01.2015

Twentieth-century Paris was renowned for its literary and cultural figures, and now visitors and residents alike can see the city through their eyes with a new iPhone application called TravelbyArt.

NYTimes In Transit by Shivani Vora, 21.10.2014

If you fancy walking in the footsteps of Picasso, Fitzgerald and Piaf, a new iPhone app called TravelbyArt is just the ticket.

The Irish Times by Fionn Davenport, 01.11.2014

If you’re interested in art, literature and music, and planning a trip to Paris, I recommend TravelbyArt. I found it easy to use, loaded with information you will want to discover, and it’s a fresh approach to travel.

TUAW by Mel Martin, 16.09.2014

We’re dreaming of our next trip to France thanks to Travelbyart, a new app that wants to help you discover Paris through the eyes of legendary creatives.

Fathom Way To Go Facebook Page, 8.11.2014

Why We Love It: We always wanted to drink like Hemingway, now we can.

Culture Collide by Caroline Hallemann, 10.11.2014

It is a combination of the newest technology with the history of art and culture. It is a unique “mobile, artistic, interactive guide to Paris”.

Ewa i Wnętrze by Ewa Mierzejewska, translated from Polish, 05.11.2014

This unique guide will take you to places you never knew and introduce you to works of art that changed the face of art history.

Cosmopolitan Poland, translated from Polish, 08.10.2014

If you are a fan of Hemingway, Picasso or Piaf, its a must have!

MobiRank by Łukasz Majchrzyk, translated from Polish, 4.08.2014

Here’s a great new app for those heading to Paris this year.

The Expeditioner by Matt Stabile, 30.07.2014


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