How to become a famous writer?

A Wilde time, photo: Wikipedia by Napoleon Sarony
When I decided I wanted to make a living out of writing, my parents were quite sad. „My daughter, how will you pay your bills?”, my mom asked, and my dad added: „Do you have any idea how hard it is to succeed in this profession?” I know, that is why i decided to find out how my favorite writers managed to survive..
Ernest Hemingway, photo: Wikipedia

Ernest Hemingway working at his book “For Whom the Bell Tolls at Sun Valley”, photo: Wikipedia

Ernest Hemingway, was a soldier at the front and with the pen. His style was distinguished by a reporter’s brevity and brilliance. He avoided metaphors and poetic creation. His writing adventure began with journalism. He published his first texts while he was still in high school. As a clue to discover his own style he would copy the style of the „Kansas City Star’s” Editor in Chief: „Use short sentences. Do not stretch the beginning. Your language must be full of life”. And so it was. How, then, did the world hear about Hemingway? He owes his career to journalism, war, and women. He was a war correspondent, travelled the world and described his experiences from the war. But only in Europe, while he stayed in Paris in the early 1920s did Hemingway first manage to publish fragments of prose and poetry. There he also got to know other young artists and writers who gathered in Gertrude Stein’s house. So what gave him fame? Excellent discipline, distinctive style, an interesting life that gave him endless material, and being surrounded by the right constellation of people.

Oscar Wilde in Oxford, photo: Wikipedia

Oscar Wilde in Oxford, photo: Wikipedia

Oscar Wilde was a genius of the pen, who had a great idea of how to promote himself. While still a student he said: “Somehow or other I’ll be famous, and if not famous, I’ll be notorious.” He won numerous awards and scholarships, but is mainly associated with his extravagant manner. His effeminate style, long hair, and his private rooms decorated with peacock feathers made people talk about him. His social debut happened in 1877 at the exclusive opening of the Grosvenor Gallery. “Strut about the Grosvenor in an evening in a specially tailored jacket, shaped, decorated and tinted so that, when viewed from the rear, it transformed its wearer into a walking, talking musical instrument: a cello. In a room lined with works of art, Wilde stole the show by wearing them”.

After he took London by storm, he went on a 10-month tour of America. He traveled across the country delivering lectures on aesteticism. With these lectures Wilde established himself as a fashion icon and a serious intellectual.
He became friends with Napoleon Sarony, the hippest photographer of the time. Pictures with Wilde turned out to be bestsellers and everyone wanted to have them. Years later he was one of the most recognized figures in the US. He had a big career as a brilliant poet, novelist and playwright, but would die young, broken, as a bankrupt.
Where should I place my wager? Travel with a notebook to the hotspots in the world, or aim for good PR and a life on the red carpet? Many celebrities followed Wilde’s path, though he had much more to offer than socializing. I choose the modern way of writing a blog. I think it’s a good start for young writers.
I hope that you will be my first reviewers!
Yours Madeleine