Is life a dream?

Is life a dream?

I had a strange dream today. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland. Everything was deformed, reversed – totally surreal.

It took me a while before I got back to reality after I woke up from my dream. I carefully watched every object around me waiting for something to happen. Nothing unusual happened though. I wonder if Dali had similar thoughts when starting his day of creative work? Whether he took inspiration from his dreams, as the surrealism movement assumed. I think this element of abstraction was always an integral part. People saw him as an extreme eccentric.

"Honey is sweeter than blood" S. Dali

“Honey is sweeter than blood” S. Dali

During his first visit in Paris, Salvador Dali met Picasso at his studio. The master’s works impressed Dali deeply and he admired them for a long time. However, years after he would say that one of his paintings is worth ten times more than all of Picasso’s.

Dali joined the group of surrealists through the intercession of Joan Miró. They gathered around André Breton – the author of three „Surrealism manifestos”. Dali’s first surrealistic painting „Honey is sweeter than blood” gave him recognition and a strong position in the group, from which he was soon expelled for supporting fascism and for his greed. As an artist he had such a strong and expressive personality that he quickly made an international career. His wife, Gala was his muse. She supported him in every action as a model, manager, and even as his accountant. He trusted her completely. I think she added an element of stability to his life and at the same time she did a pretty good job living in Dali’s world of total absurdity.

"Un Chien Andalou" A film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali

“Un Chien Andalou” A film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali

To me the most fascinating things about Dali are his life and personality.  He showed the movement he represented with all aspects of himself. In addition to creating amazing paintings and sculptures he was passionate about movies. He played in the famous film „Un Chien Andalou” by Luis Buñuel, and also designed the dream sequence in Alfred Hitchcock’s film „Spellbound”. He painted for such celebrities as Coco Chanel, Helena Rubinstein, and Jack Warner. Instead of owning a painting I would love to spend a summer in Dali’s company. It would be as my dream.

Soon I will visit his amazing museum in Figueres (the city where he was born, and where he died), as I am going to Spain for few months. I got a scholarship and I am going to take full advantage of it! I will be missing Paris, but I know I will come back here for sure. It is my place on Earth.
Yours Madeleine