The concept for Travelbyart was born a few years ago as an app project.  At the time, I was completely obsessed with the idea of combining modern travel with old literary guides into a new technology.

The idea was born from a lifelong passion for art and from my own personal experience of traveling with the diaries of famous writers and poets in different European Cities including Paris, Venice, and Rome. Walking in the artists footsteps and seeing their world through their own words, feelings, and works of art made the experience of travel something precious, intimate, and unforgettable.

Why Paris?

The first sentence I learned in French as a teenager was Je veux a Paris (I go to Paris).
I learned it by heart in the school corridor and I repeated it until it became a kind of magic spell. And later, the spell worked and became a reality.

I was a student of sculpture in Poland when I saw Paris for very first time, and I fell in love with this city immediately.
Many of the artists from the Travelbyart stories must have had the same experience and the same feelings.  Since then I have been back many times and the magic has only grown more powerful.

Travelbyart on a new site – and some big news!

Originally, the website was supplemental to the app, but now the site is a fully realized online experience in its own right with extensive materials and features that could not be supported by the app.

Now I would like to announce some big news!  Starting today, the app will be free to download and use from the App Store here.  You can buy it – just for $0 and enjoy our offline maps of Paris.  I very much hope that you will enjoy traveling through The City of Love and Lights on our site!

I would also like to say thank you again to all people that helped me launch the Travelbyart project. Some gave me generous financial support, others donated their talent and their priceless time. And special thanks to my brother Piotr, his friend Pawel for their trust and belief in the project. And Marta for moral support and so many inspirations. And for the great production team: Lusia, Helena, Wojtek, Basia, Sasza, Lukasz and Paul!

Beata Misiewicz, 
Founder of Travelbyart


Twentieth-century Paris was renowned for its literary and cultural figures, and now visitors and residents alike can see the city through their eyes with a new iPhone application called TravelbyArt.

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If you identify with the words ‘non, je ne regrette rien’, installing this app shouldn’t change that – it looks to be a great piece of software.

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If you fancy walking in the footsteps of Picasso, Fitzgerald and Piaf, a new iPhone app called TravelbyArt is just the ticket.

– The Irish Times by Fionn Davenport

If you’re interested in art, literature and music, and planning a trip to Paris, I recommend TravelbyArt. I found it easy to use, loaded with information you will want to discover, and it’s a fresh approach to travel.

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We’re dreaming of our next trip to France thanks to Travelbyart, a new app that wants to help you discover Paris through the eyes of legendary creatives.

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Travelbyart lets us get a feel for the Belle Epoque.

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